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I believe that as a lawyer I am meant to be an advocate for others who cannot advocate for themselves.  Estate planning is a great way to turn this purpose into real action: I help people put their wishes into a proper legal format to ensure that their financial, relational, business, and other personal goals are safeguarded and clearly communicated should there come a time when they cannot speak up about these wishes and goals themselves.  

Having volunteered in the courthouse Self-Help Centers, provided legal services in both family and juvenile dependency law, and practiced civil litigation for several years, I have a lot of experience working with individuals, couples, families and businesses of all shapes and sizes.  I know how to explain and break down complicated legal processes, how to spot potential problems that can arise in the future, and how to mediate and negotiate conflicts to successful resolution.  All of these skills help me be a better advocate for my clients, and my goal is for you to feel that your interests have been well represented by an attorney who listens to, and cares about, you. 

The great thing about estate planning is that I truly get to know my clients on a personal level, and we are able to form a relationship that is more meaningful than most attorney-client relationships.  I have always been a story lover, and each client has a unique and powerful story.  I look forward to meeting you and having the privilege of listening to, and helping you plan for the rest of, your story.

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