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Simply put, my job is to make sure families do not self-destruct after the death or disability of a loved one. My entire world revolves around my own family, and I am willing to do anything to ensure that they will be taken care of, to the fullest extent possible, if anything ever happens to me. I believe that most people feel the same way. For that reason, I have chosen to dedicate my career to helping families and individuals plan for the future and protect the well-being of their loved ones.

As an estate planning attorney, my passion is to help people plan for and successfully navigate both the inevitable and the unexpected events in life, to ensure that:

1) personal, family and business goals are realized,
2) risks and expenses are minimized, and
3) peace of mind is achieved.

I take pride in providing each of my clients with personal attention, clear communication, timely assistance and excellent results. I take the time to make sure I fully understand each client's goals, desires, values, questions and concerns. I explain, in plain English, the available options and my recommendations based on the client's specific situation. Together we then develop and implement a carefully tailored plan to ensure that each of the client's objectives are achieved and that family harmony is preserved.

My goal is to make sure each of my clients fully understand the available options, is actively engaged and feels absolutely comfortable throughout the entire planning process.
My philosophy about Estate Planning:  "Everyone deserves a thoughtful, customized plan that meets their individual needs and goes beyond the basics of a simple will. There is more to estate planning than the value of one's bank account." It is essential that all of the client's present and future needs and those of his/her family be met.  At the Law Office of Emily A. Wirowek we endeavor to get to know our clients and maintain a productive relationship.  We will take care of all your needs, now and in the future.

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